First-Year Advising and Registration

First-Year Experience Advising and Registration Process
Before attending Student Orientation (SO), follow the registration steps below. If you have any questions throughout the registration process, please contact the Student Orientation Office at (518) 276-8632.

  1. STEP 1: MID JUNE 
    Fall Course Planning

    Advising consultation: First, you will plan out your fall course schedule. Your advising Hub/school adviser will connect with you via your Rensselaer email to review your curriculum template and courses as you build your schedule online.

    To prepare for online registration, we are asking you to review your schools advising page and become familiar with fall course options.

    Course Registration
    Register online: The next step is to register online for the fall courses you selected. You will receive an email from Rensselaer with instructions and your registration time. All students must register online for a full course load prior to attending Student Orientation (SO). The typical schedule is 16-17 credits (four: 4-credit classes and an optional 1-credit class for Engineering and Science majors) and includes courses from your major and Science, Math, and Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. Build more than one schedule so you have options. YAC is a great tool to plan and visualize your course schedules.

    Note: Prior to receiving your time ticket, visit Student Information System (SIS)  to review the financial responsibility agreement, RPI Alert system, and to make sure you have submitted all medical forms. You must also be registered for SO in order to receive a time ticket. To watch a video on "how to register" for classes through SIS visit this link.
    • Check to make sure your designated major is correct. If you have decided to change your major, please email Admissions at
    • Review all of your AP, IB, and transfer credits courses prior to registration.
    • Be sure to follow the first-year plan of study for your major, including the level and sequencing of classes.
    • Your HASS inquiry course can be taken in either the fall or spring.
    • To prepare for Math 1010: Calculus I, it is strongly encouraged to take “Ready…Set…Calculus", an online refresher course with a sample quiz.
  4. Confirm Registration
    Meet with an academic adviser: During your Student Orientation session, you will meet with an academic adviser from your school to confirm your fall course registration and make any necessary adjustments.

    Additional Advising Tips

Support Resources
If you have any questions throughout the registration process, contact your advising Hub or the Advising and Learning Assistance Center.

Advising and Learning Assistance Center
(518) 276-6269