Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I get my RPI email?
A. You will receive an email (sent to the email address you used to apply to Rensselaer) within 5 – 7
days of your deposit with all the details of how and where to set up your RPI email account.

Q. What will orientation be like online?
A. Your orientation experience online will include a series of required modules, registering for fall
classes, weekly chats hosted by your orientation leaders, and making ongoing connections with your
new classmates online. There will be engagement opportunities for families as well. Be sure to check
out the full schedule of events on our Orientation website found here:
Also you can follow us on Instagram @rpifye.

Q. When will I move into my fall housing?
A. Fall arrival dates will details will be sent out early July.

Q. I am an International student – is there something I have to do simply because I am an International

A. There will be an International Orientation prior to the start of classes. Information about the
International Orientation can be found here:
You will also have to complete an online Electronic Check-In with the office of International Services for
Students and Scholars (ISSS) after you enter the U.S., and they will contact you via your RPI email with
details on how to complete this process.

Q. I am an international student. When will I get my I-20?
A. Undergraduate Admissions will begin to send out I-20s in mid-late May to students who have
submitted their enrollment deposit. If they need additional documentation, they will contact you.
I-20s are sent via UPS and you will receive a tracking number from Undergraduate Admissions once it is

Q. Will I be able to get the classes I want?
A. We guarantee that you will be able to get a full schedule pertinent to your major. We cannot
guarantee that will get your preferred schedule. Class advisement will be June 22-July 8 & class
registration will be July 13-22nd.

Q. How do I accept my financial aid awards?
A. Go to and log in to accept your financial aid package.

Q. I’m a fall athlete, when will practice start?
A. Your coach will reach out to you regarding practice schedules and report dates.

Q. What if I’m ROTC, when do I report?
A. Your commanding officer will reach out to you regarding report dates.

Q. My family would like to be added to the parent newsletter distribution, how can we make sure they
are added to the list?

A. The parent email address you used in your application to Rensselaer will automatically be added to
the parent newsletter distribution list.

Q. Will the academics really be hard?
A. Academics are challenging at Rensselaer, but you are more than capable of doing the work. We are
here to support you in your transition. Our introductory courses in Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry will
provide you with a mentor to help you with the transition to college level coursework and life on
campus. We also recommend attending drop-in tutoring with the Advising and Learning Assistance
Center (ALAC), meeting with your faculty during their office hours, or meeting with your Class Dean to
talk through anything challenging.

Q. What type of support is available for me if I’m struggling in classes?
A. Our introductory course in Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry will provide you with a mentor to help
you with the transition to college level coursework and life on campus. We also recommend attending
drop-in tutoring with the Advising and Learning Assistance Center, meeting with your faculty during
their office hours, or meeting with your Class Dean to talk through anything challenging.

Q. Does Rensselaer offer accommodations if you received them in high school?
A. Students with disabilities who are interested in requesting accommodations should visit the
website and complete the Accommodation
Request Form. Incoming students should also submit supportive documentation.
Documentation guidelines can be found on the website above. Please reach out to
with any questions or concerns regarding the process for requesting accommodations.

Q. Is there a deadline for requesting accommodations through disability services?
A. While there is no deadline for requesting academic accommodations, students who are
requesting housing accommodations should reach out to the Office of Disability Services for
Students at as soon as possible to discuss their requests. Any housing
accommodation requests submitted after May 15 th will be subject to availability. Please note
that disability services cannot guarantee a placement in a specific building and/or specific

Q. Is Troy safe?

A. Because Rensselaer is an open campus, we recognize the importance of addressing the safety of our
students. Our Public Safety professionals take a proactive approach to safety, teaching students what
they can do to minimize safety risks. Only Rensselaer students and staff have access to the residence
halls. Feel free to visit with Public Safety during SO.

Q. Can I have a car on campus?
A. Freshman are not allowed to have a car on campus, however, there are several methods of
transportation available to students, from public bus transportation to campus shuttles. Note the local
bus is free with a Rensselaer ID. Shuttles run to the airport, bus and train station for all school breaks.
Transportation options can be found here:

Q. I will be a new student this year, how do I get my RPI ID?
A. Instructions to upload your photo will be sent in future correspondence. The instructions will include
details on how to upload your photo. If your card is approved, you will receive it when you check in this

Q. When and where do I pick up my ID Card?
A. You will pick up your Rensselaer campus card when you arrive on campus during Freshman
check-in. Cards can only be picked up by the student cardholder (not by a friend or parent).
You will receive additional information on when and where these will be distributed.

Q. Is there a charge for my ID Card?
A. Your first Rensselaer campus card is free of charge. Replacement cards are $10 for the first
loss and $25 for each subsequent loss.

Q. What process do I follow to change my meal plan selection?
A. Visit the Dining website ( meal plan options and complete the
appropriate meal plan change form (listed at the bottom of the page).

Q. Who do I speak to regarding dietary concerns?
A. Send a detailed email to and the dietician will review and respond to you.

Q. Who do I talk to about finding internships/co-ops?
A.The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) can assist you in searching for
experiential learning opportunities throughout your time at RPI. You can connect with your career
counselor by e-mailing the CCPD at or visit to schedule an appointment

Q. I am in the process of deciding my major, what resources are available to me?
A.The CCPD has a specific career counselor for each academic area to help you in exploring majors,
minors, career paths, and more! You can schedule individualized counseling appointment through .

Q. I can’t get my immunization form to the Health Center in time for the June 19 th deadline. Is that ok?
A. Yes, just get the form turned in as soon as possible. We understand that some students will not be
able to get all of their immunization information from their doctor’s office or high school prior to the
June deadline.

Q. I can’t get a required immunization this summer, my doctor’s office is closed. Can I receive the
required immunizations at Rensselaer?

A. Yes, we will offer required immunizations at the health center and/or via an immunization clinic
for new students. Watch for announcements on the health center website and email reminders
to students who need to fulfill immunization requirements.

Q. What is the Mobile Computing Program?
A. For over 20 years the Rensselaer Mobile Comping Program has helped make sure our students
have the right tools and support for the Rensselaer experience. More information can be found

Q. What laptop will I get?
A. This year most new students will receive a special laptop credit which will be used to offset the
cost of the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s. Students may choose to upgrade to our higher-performance
model if they wish. More information on the models and specs can be found at

Q. What software will be on it?
A. Laptops come with a basic configuration and checklist to help get them up and running quickly.
Most software students will need for their classes is available for download from Rensselaer.

Q. Will I need to buy extra software for my classes?
A. The Institute provides much of the required software, however some courses may require an
additional software purchase.

Q. Do you recommend I purchase a printer?
A. Student printing is available around campus in most building including residence halls, however
some students opt to bring their own.

Q. When will I receive my laptop?

A. Students receive their laptops just prior to fall classes. Details on distribution will go through
your Resident Assistant after moving in. Given the current situation, there may be changes to
our distribution and we will let you know if there are. More information on distribution can be
found at

Q. I waived the student health insurance plan, now I want to enroll. Can I change my waiver?
A. Yes, waivers can always be reversed. New waivers can only be accepted up until the waiver deadline
of September 1. Contact with your request to change a waiver or enrollment.

Q. When will the on-line education courses (AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for
Undergraduates) open? I can’t get into the system.

A. All first-year and transfer students will receive an email invitation to these courses in mid-July. Do not
attempt to find or start the courses without being invited. If you finish the courses on another platform
or old system, you will not be credited with completion. Watch for the email invitation.

Q. When are the on-line education courses (AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for
Undergraduates) due?

A. There are two courses and two parts to each course. Part 1 of each course is due by August 28 th . After
a 30-day intersession you will be invited to complete Part 2 of each course. Part 2 of each course will be
due by September 28 th .

Q. When will I receive my bill?
A. A letter will be sent home and emailed to the student’s RPI email address, in June, explaining the e-
bill program. Bills will be generated the first week in July.

Q. When is the fall bill due?

A. August 7, 2020 The amount due is what is left after all financial aid that the
student is accepting is subtracted.