Faculty Overview of Student Success

As faculty, you have direct and regular contact with our students, and through your interactions and observations in the classroom, you may be the first person to notice when things start going wrong.  Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Changes in behavior, such as a good student starting to miss assignments
  • Crying or other unexplained behavior in the class
  • Learning during office hours that a student is not eating or sleeping regularly
  • Reading something concerning that a student has written on an exam

Whenever you are concerned for a student and you are not sure where to refer them, we are here to help. Our Student Success Class Deans deal with a myriad of student concerns, including financial, personal, and academic. To connect with and learn more about our Class Deans, visit our staff pageIf you are unsure which Class Dean is assigned to the student of concern, visit the student’s Degree Works or email success@rpi.edu.


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