Financial Concern

As a faculty member, students may disclose concerns to you in advising and class meetings where a referral to campus resources are beneficial. These concerns may be expressed in many different ways, including but not limited to concerns about paying their bill for the semester, unexpected costs, needs for instructional items, etc..

Types of Student Financial Concern

  • Financial hold due to nonpayment of semester bill
  • Food or housing insecurity
  • Inability to afford course materials, i.e. books, softwares, supplies, etc.
  • Unexpected, uncovered costs i.e. travel home for family funeral, car repair, etc.


There are numerous resources on campus and knowing which to refer a student can save them time.

Tuition and Fees

The Bursar: this office collects funds. They place holds on accounts when a student has not paid the bill on time.

Financial Aid: this office packages institutional aid and federal aid. If a student or their family has had a major unforseen expense, loss of a job, or some other change in financial circumstances, Financial Aid will review their case and may make additional awards.


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