Returning to Rensselaer

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Rensselaer to continue your studies. In order to facilitate a smooth transition back, please read the Guide to Readmission below. If you are applying for readmission for the purposes of graduation and do not intend to take courses, please contact Student Success.

Our goal is to help all students on a leave have a successful return to Rensselaer. We are committed to a thoughtful and thorough review of your materials and working with you upon return. We strive to maintain a high acceptance rate for readmission. But know that readmission is at the discretion of Rensselaer and not guaranteed. 

Guide to Readmission


To be eligible to return, you must be sure your accounts are clear, and that you have met any requirements of your leave.

Applications Deadlines

The Summer readmission deadline is April 1.
Notification date estimated: May 1.

The Fall readmission deadline is June 1.
Notification date estimated: July 1.

The Spring readmission deadline is November 1.
Notification date estimated: December 1.

Students on a financial leave of absence are to arrange pre-payment by the dates above and so should begin the process earlier.

Required Information for Return

Transcripts, a letter from your academic advisor, and health forms are all required as part of the readmission application.


Short and direct answers to frequently asked questions about applying and returning to campus.


Follow these steps to apply for readmission.

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