Making a Referral to a Class Dean

As a faculty member you may make observations in the classroom, via email, or in advising meetings that indicate a student is in need of support to be successful. Sometimes their concerns are more complex than a simple referral or the problem makes it unclear where to begin. These can include personal concerns, financial concerns, parent/family issues, mental health concerns. In all these instances you may make a referral to an undergraduate class dean. A student's assigned Class Dean is listed on their Degree Works.

Undergraduate Class Deans are associated with each cohort of Rensselaer students and follow them from their sophomore year to graduation. The Dean of the First-Year Experience maintains oversight of all first-year students. 

Specific roles of the Dean's include:

  • Academic and personal mentoring and support
  • Class-specific programming through the Cohort Committees
  • Collaborations with departments and offices across campus
  • Administrative functions for their cohort including excused absences, no examination grades, withdrawals, leaves of absence, and readmission

The Class Deans often intervene with students experiencing personal or academic difficulty through the Electronic Warning System (EWS) and provide intrusive academic and social intervention and support.

To make an appointment with any of the Undergraduate Deans click on the links below or call our office at 518-276-8022.

Jessica Saccardi
Jessica Saccardi
Class Dean for students beginning in Fall 2022, 2019
Katelyn Newsham
Katelyn Newsham
Class Dean for students beginning in Fall 2021, 2018
Mary McCarthy
Mary Elizabeth McCarthy
Class Dean for students beginning in Fall 2020, 2017
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