Conversation Starters

Academic Stress, Help-Seeking, and Resiliency

  • What will you need to do to be successful in college compared to what worked in high school?
  • Are you aware of the resources are there on campus to use and when is it appropriate to use which resources?
  • How will you cope with frustration and disappointment?
  • If you are not enjoying your major, what are some of the options you have?


  • How frequently will we touch base, and how will we do it?
  • What kind of organizations do you hope to get involved in?

Transition and Engagement

  • What are some warning signs that you may be overcommitting?
  • What will you do to take care of yourself?
  • How will you make sure your actions are consistent with accomplishing your goals?
  • What time management techniques will work best for you?
  • What will a good sleep schedule look like?
  • Are you scheduling in time for getting involved on campus or attending activities?
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