Resources for Students

Academic Resources

  • Drop-in Tutoring
    Provided by the Advising and Learning Assistance Center, offers individual tutoring to students who are experiencing academic difficulty. Visit their website for available appointments.
  • Additional Tutoring
    Often schools and departments are able to offer specific tutoring. You can check with your faculty or department. 
  • Disability Services for Students (DSS)
    We recommend that students utilize similar accommodations as they did in high school. To receive accommodations, you must register with DSS and provide documentation. Mental health conditions, like depression, are eligible for accommodations. For a listing of resources in the capital district for comprehensive psychological evaluations click here.
  • The Arch at Rensselaer
    Offers a unique approach to education that provides flexibility in the semester schedule, allowing students to pursue professional and personal development opportunities that prepare them to meet the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century.
  • Academic Advising
    Each school has an Academic Advising Hub that is available to help you develop your four-year plan, change majors, add minors, and ask detailed questions about your program of study and degree. The HASS and Science Hubs can also answer questions about general HASS and Science requirements. The Engineering Hub works with first-year students only. To learn more about each Hub, visit:

Personal Resources

  • Counseling Services
    Our largest referral, which is free and confidential, offers students with a space to maximize their sense of well-being as well as their academic, personal, and social growth. A staff psychiatrist is available to assist with medication and provide online resources to offer a great starting point. Keep in mind that if you go in with specific goals, you are likely to save yourself some time. For example, saying, "I have severe avoidance behaviors and I want to work on that," is clearer than a general statement of "I feel overwhelmed." Counseling Services staff are also available evenings and weekends. If you or a friend are struggling, reach out for help. You can speak with the On-Call Counselor by calling (518) 276-8888.
  • Off-Campus Provider Directories
  • For non clinical support, join the Wellness Student Committee every Wednesday from noon to 1 in the Mueller Center Classroom to talk in a safe space about the highs and lows of student life.
  • NAMI Capital Region Support Groups. Peer Support Groups are led Mondays from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. sign up here>>
  • It's not unusual to experience loss while in college of many kinds. This podcast series is not affiliated with Rensselaer, but is an excellent resource.
  • Student Success Labs is an excellent resource for you with live workshops and recording and self-guided labs you can do at your own pace. There are resources on meditation, sleep, time management and a host of other topics that affect college student success.
  • Student Life has created a larger resource page which includes other offices you may be interested in.

Financial Resources

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