RPI Acronyms Defined A-Z

’86 Field - Location of many large, outdoor events

ACM-W - Association for Computing Machinery – Women in Computing

ACSLD - Archer Center for Student Leadership Development

ALAC - Advising & Learning Assistance Center

Arch - Summer Semester on Campus and Semester Away Experience

AS&RC - Alumni Sports & Recreation Center (Armory)

BARH - Burdett Avenue Residence Hall

BCBP - Biochemistry & Biophysics

BFMB - Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

BIAM - Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology (Accelerated Albany Med Program)

BME/BMED - Biomedical Engineering

Box - File Sharing and Collaboration Platform

Bridge - Bridge Scholars Program; Summer academic program

C+CC - Chapel + Culture Center

Canva - Online design program for creating signs, fliers, social media, etc.

Carousel - Rensselaer’s digital signage software

CBIS - Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies 

CCPD - Center for Career and Professional Development

CEE - Civil & Environmental Engineering

CEPM - Center for Engineering Precision Medicine

CLASS - Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students

CMDIS - Center for Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems

COG - Center of Gravity (Office of Student Success program)

COMM+D - Center for Global Communication and Design

COP - Continued on Probation

DAIC - Digital, Artificial Intelligence, and Computing

DCC - Darrin Communications Center

DEI - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DOD - Dean on Duty

DotCIO - Division of the Chief Information Officer

DPS - Department of Public Safety (see also Pub Safe)

DSIS - Design, Innovation, and Society

DSS - Disability Services for Students

EBESS - Institute for Energy, the Built Environment, and Smart Systems

ECAV - East Campus Athletic Village

E-Complex - Residential Area consisting of the following buildings:
                              Cassatt, Clement, Hearne, Hirai, Voorhees, Waite

ECSC - Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

EMAC - Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication

EMPAC - Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center

ESW- Engineers for a Sustainable World 

EWB - Engineers without Borders

EWS - Electronic Warning System

Freshman Hill - Residential Area consisting of the following buildings:
                                 Bray, Cary, Crockett, Davison, Hall, Nason, Nugent, Sharp, Warren

FYE - First-Year Experience

FYIP - First-Year Intervention Program

Garnet Baltimore - Garnet Baltimore Research and Entrepreneurial Scholars

GFI - Global Freshwater Institute

GradISA - Graduate Indian Students Association

GSAS - Games Simulation Arts and Sciences

Handshake - Online job posting site (Work Study and CCPD)

HASS - Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

IEA - Introduction to Engineering Analysis

IHSS - Interdisciplinary HASS Course identifier

I-PERSIST - Integrative Program for Education, Research, and Support Involving Science and Technology                                 (Mentors for students in Chemistry I and Physics I)

IPAC - Located in archway entering Quad from 15th Street (I-PERSIST)

ISE/ISYE - Industrial and Systems Engineering

ISSS - International Services for Students and Scholars 

ITSSC - Information Technology Services and Support Center

ITWS - Information Technology and Web Science

J-ROWL - Jonsson-Rowland

LA - Learning Assistants (ALAC)

LEAP - Leadership Educators Advising Peers (Archer Center)

LMS - Learning Management System

LOA - Leave of Absence

MANE - Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering

MRC - Materials Research Center

MSE - Materials Science and Engineering

NRB - Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond

NSBE - National Society of Black Engineers

OGE - Office of Graduate Education

Pass/No Credit - Grading option

Percipio - Online Training Module Platform

PLP - Professional Leadership Program (Archer Center)

PLS - Professional Leadership Series (Archer Center)

POP - Placed on Probation

Pub Safe - Public Safety (see also DPS)

Quad - Residential Area consisting of the following buildings: 
                     Buck, Caldwell, Church (I-VI), Cooper, Hunt (I-III), MacDonald, Pardee, Roebling, White (I-IV)

RA - Resident Assistant OR Research Assistant

RAHP A/B - Rensselaer Apartment Housing Project A&B

RARE Center - Rensselaer Astrobiology Research and Education Center

RCS ID - Rensselaer Computing System ID (e.g. smithj or smithj4)

RSDH - Russell Sage Dining Hall

SAP - Satisfactory Academic Progress

SARP - Student Activities Resource Person

SHPE - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SIS - Self-Service Information System

SLL - Student Living and Learning (i.e. Residence Life)

SO Advisor - Student Orientation Advisor

SoE - School of Engineering

SoS - School of Science

STRIVE - Connects underrepresented first-year students with upper-class mentors

STSH - Science and Technology Studies, Humanities

STSO - Science, Technology, and Society

STSS - Science and Technology Studies, Social Science

SWE - Society of Women Engineers

TA- Teaching Assistant

UPIP - Undergraduate Probation Intervention Program

WebEx - Meeting, Messaging, and Webinar Platform

VCC - Vorhees Computing Center

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