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NRB Adventure Blocks

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These blocks are scheduled to be held 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm on Friday, August 26, 2022 and 9am-11am on Saturday, August 27, 2022. This allows you to pick either THREE different events, choose ONE Friday event for a full day agenda with ONE additional Saturday block, or choose ONE event to span across 3 blocks on Friday and Saturday. Please choose the block that you think you will enjoy most or seems most interesting to you. We recommend both choosing something familiar to you, and something that might push you outside your comfort zone and help you meet new friends. 

Full Day Adventure Blocks (Choose 1 event for your Friday event, then choose 1 other 2-hour Saturday block if choosing from this list)

Join the Crew Club for a day to meet the team and learn how to row! We will take a trip to our boathouse, a few miles from campus, across the Hudson river, and teach you the basics of rowing. No experience required!

Are you interested in different Indian dance styles? If so, join RPI Rudras, Gajjde Sher Bhangra, and RPI Rounak in our NRB Program! Whether you're a trained dancer or just want to jam out to Indian music, come by to learn what Indian dance has to offer! Participants will have the opportunity to learn short routines in three different Indian dance styles Bhangra, Classical (Bharatanatyam), and Bollywood. This is a great chance to get to know some freshmen and upperclassmen and get your workout in!

Have you ever wanted to explore an environment like no other? Let the Outing Club be your guide in Clarksville Cave, one of the numerous cave systems in the Capital Region. You will get to witness the beauty of an underground karst system while walking and crawling through cool, muddy and wet areas. This trip requires no previous caving skills or knowledge.

Experience the panoramic views of the highest point in Massachusetts: Mount Greylock. This ~6 mile hike to the summit passes through old growth forests, with the opportunity to visit the spectacular 30' March Cataract Falls. Lunch on the open summit provides a great opportunity to meet your new classmates!

Do you love to spend time outside? Are you interested in trying out one of the fastest growing sports in the United States? The RPI Disc Golf Club is excited to teach you the basics of disc golf, and taking you out for a round in Troy's very own disc golf course! Learn the fundamentals behind backhand drives, forehand drives, putting, and more! No discs or prior experience required. Let's have some fun and watch some discs fly!

Welcome to the RPI Flying Club. At our brief meeting you'll hear about our upcoming planned trips, special events, and our ground school program where you can earn one half of a pilots license at a discounted cost. Stick around for some free food and games. Welcome aboard!"

Gear up with Nerf Blasters and come hunt zombies! Learn how to navigate campus while running from the horde. We have a fully stocked arsenal for all players who need gear.  So come join us for an exciting and fast-paced game of survival! Humans vs Zombies is a game of tag where the human players must remain vigilant and defend themselves with socks and dart blasters to avoid being tagged by a growing zombie horde.

Meet your classmates on the field in an exciting day of soccer games and challenges, ending with a competitive 5v5 tournament! Get to know a team full of students who love the game as much as you do. Some soccer experience is recommended, but not necessary--the only items you'll need are cleats/sneakers and athletic apparel.

Are you interested in journalism, writing, designing graphics and posters, or photography? Interested in coding our student-run website? Join the staff of The Polytechnic to learn about what goes on behind the scenes of! You'll spend NRB meeting new people, writing news stories, reviewing media, publishing your opinion, and more. If you're passionate about learning new things, keeping the community informed, and making RPI a better place through journalism, join us for NRB 2022.

Come experience College Radio with WRPI Troy and get involved with radio broadcasting, live production, and the technology that brings it all together! With this program, incoming freshmen have the opportunity to explore a decades-old station with high-quality equipment, over 60,000 vinyl records, couches, and a diverse, social community connected by a general love for music. Participants will have the opportunity to get involved with the many departments that make college radio happen. Whether it's getting hands-on technical experience with producing and mixing live music, getting first-hand experience on-air as a DJ, or exploring the ins and outs of the technology it takes to output 10,000 watts of pure college radio, WRPI provides a fun, social environment for people with music interests of all kinds.

Day and a half blocks (choose just one if choosing from this list)

Come join APO at Grafton State Park for a morning of service and afternoon on the beach. Food will be provided. Have fun meeting brothers of our gender inclusive service fraternity.

Interested in musical performance at Rensselaer? If you have experience performing in a traditional concert band, wind ensemble, or jazz band, come join us for two days of fun, excitement, and music making. While meeting fellow musicians of the Class of 2026, you will have the opportunity to learn challenging new music in a relaxed setting. The program will culminate with a concert on Monday night in the EMPAC Concert Hall, where fellow classmates will be invited to hear you play. This is an excellent time to get to know your fellow classmates, meet and talk to upperclassmen, and learn about the many performance opportunities at Rensselaer. You are encouraged to bring your own instrument. The Rensselaer Music Association has a limited supply of instruments which are available for use throughout the event. 

Get a crash course on aerodynamics and aircraft design. Put your knowledge to the test by building your own RC aircraft. Meet the DBF team at RPI and get into designing airplanes.

Day one: Learn how to build an FT Explorer (
Day 2: Work on the Mini Sparrows (

RPISEC is RPI's computer security club. From memory corruption to lockpicking, we teach a wide range of topics -- and then put that knowledge to the test in "Capture the Flag" contests (CTFs), competing with teams from around the world.

If you're wondering "how do I start?", then we've got answers!

Our crash course is aimed at those with an interest in cybersecurity, whether or not you have much experience yet. A series of talks, mixed in with hands-on exercises, will get you ready for a beginner-friendly competition on the second day.

Come and join the Players for a show! Help us to put on a collection of short plays- in just two days! Gain experience in one of our tech departments, or step into an acting role and be center stage! With several options to choose from, our program will give you a great introduction to theatre at RPI.

Dive into the challenge of learning and performing contemporary a cappella music as you are taught an entertaining set of songs from RPI's four a
cappella groups. Get to know the members of the Rensselyrics, the Rusty Pipes, Partial Credit, Raaga, and Duly Noted and experience what collegiate A cappella is all about. Singers and vocal percussionists will showcase their talents in a concert for their peers, performing one song from each group's repertoire. This program is ideal for individuals with some prior singing experience and those interested in vocal percussion.

Help the Union Program and Activities Committee (UPAC) plan our Union After Dark night where we transform the Student Union for one night of concerts, comedians, performers, free food and more!

Spot hidden radio transmitters planted on campus - but with an antenna made by you! Acquire useful skills for surviving the apocalypse and RPI EE/CSE degrees.

Step to the beat of your favorite songs, and get a good workout with one of the most popular rhythm games. Exercise in an entertaining and engaging way and enjoy an arcade-level experience at no cost! 

2 Hour Blocks (choose 3 if choosing from this list)

Students will be going through a series of adventures in order to learn a famous tradition. We will be decorating our own chancla, and going through a series of games in order to win the relay race. 

Make some personal goals for your first semester, befriend upperclassmen chemical engineering majors, and learn more about AIChE!

Join RPI's Art Club in a game of drawing and deduction. Can you identify the fake, or will they outsmart the rest of the artists? No art skills are needed. Come join us in a relaxing and fun game where you can connect with fellow students while having a great time!

This workshop is an African/afrobeat dance workshop at a beginner-friendly level. We will work through what it means to dance, specifically in African culture and we will explore popular dance trends as seen on Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. So bring your dancing shoes!

If you're autistic whether you've been diagnosed or are just questioning the possibility then join us for a introduction to the services and support resources that are available here at Rensselaer. We'll give you specific advice and answer your questions, and if there's sufficient time, then we'll also show you around campus, pointing out sensory safe spaces as well as the locations of your classes.

Come hang out and play some board games with the Board Game Club! We've got all sorts of games from short to long games, war games to cooperative games, and even some social deduction and bluffing games. Anything you might be interested in, we've probably got. Don't worry if you don't know much about them either, we are inclusive of all skill and knowledge levels. No obligation to stay the whole time, feel free to pop in whenever you'd like!

Looking for a caring Christian community on campus? Look no further than Cru! We are a caring community passionate about serving people and connecting them to Jesus Christ! Join us for a time of games and fellowship, followed by a brief explanation of who we are on campus and how we seek to serve our community.

Join us for an ice cream and meet and greet with members of Circle K. RPI Circle K is an international collegiate service organization that focuses on developing the leadership skills of its members, while establishing a sense of community and fellowship

Students will have the opportunity to play some fun basketball games and hang out with the members of the Mens Club Basketball team. Learn about the Club, our season, when tryouts will happen and how to join, while playing games against your classmates.

Come out and join the RPI Ultimate Frisbee team for your NRB experience. We will be throwing, running some drills, and scrimmaging!

Join us for the art of Chinese calligraphy! Come to learn the skills and techniques of Chinese calligraphy including brush technique, and stroke order. You will also get the opportunity to learn some Chinese characters and their meanings.

Welcome to the RPI Dance Club NRB program! All are welcome to join us in a student choreography exercise, a dance combination led by one of our beloved teachers, and much more! Dance Club encourages dancers of all levels and backgrounds to participate in this active, and social program. We hope to see you there!

Come join the dance team for practice! Meet others who share in your passion to dance. We will stretch, practice jumps and turns, and learn fun choreography. No prior dance experience necessary (we will provide different  choreography modifications based on individual ability). 

Come hang out with Engineers Without Borders! At this event, you'll learn about who we are and how to get involved in our work locally and internationally. Plus, join us in a friendly structure-building competition! 

Come join us in our 2-hour session where you can learn about the basics of sword fighting and history of European martial arts. You will be able to spar with our instructors.

At Desi Meet and Greet, we want to help incoming freshmen meet other people from similar cultural backgrounds to develop a sense of community within RPI. Anyone interested in learning more about Indian culture is welcome, as we aim to spread awareness throughout RPI.

LEAP through challenges with us! We will be leading a series of team buiding activities with our peer facilitators from the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development. 

Join The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE-RPI), Black Students’ Association (BSA), African Students Association (ASA), The National Organization of
Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS), and the Caribbean Students Association (CSA) for one of our Adventure Blocks:

Friday AM: Join us for some popsicles as we close out the summer. Learn more about what our organizations do on campus and pick up a
calendar to see what we all have planned for you this semester!

Friday PM: Kickback the culture with us as we kick off the year with some good food and some good ole competition. Bring your best rhymes and a beat or two because we’re Wild ‘n Out y’all!

Saturday AM: Join us for a brunch. Meet our membership, learn about our organization, and get to know your peers. 


Join members of the Panhellenic community for a fun picnic, community building activities, and more! You will meet tons of new people, play games, and learn more about the RPI community from our own upperclassmen. 

 The Philippines has one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world with celebrations beginning as early as September! Join the Philippine American League for Filipino snacks and DIY parols (Christmas lanterns) - all students are welcome.

Join us for solar observing! The Rensselaer Astrophysical Society is using some of our telescopes, with appropriate filters, to safely view the sun.

Are you looking for something to care for as you spend your first year at college? Come join RCA as we help you decorate a potted plant that you can keep in your dorm through your freshman year! We'll spend time talking with each other, creating community, discussing information about the Rensselaer Christian Association, and of course decorating and planting our plants. We hope to see you there!

Join Rensselaer Motorsport for a session of Sim Racing (and F1 watching) to learn about what we do, how we do it, and (maybe) hear our car run!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master?  Test your skills in the Rensselaer Pokemon Organization's Campus League.  Travel RPI's campus, complete Gym puzzles, and challenge other students and Gym Leaders on Pokemon Showdown to earn Gym Badges and participate in the Campus Cup.  This tournament will determine the champion of RPO's Class of 2026 Campus League.  Which one of you will take home the title of Champion?  

All systems are a go! Team up with fellow RPI students to launch water bottle rockets high into the sky, and learn more about what it means to be a member of the Rensselaer Rocket Society.

This 5K will be a race around campus, allowing people to explore from ECAV, down to EMPAC, and back, allowing them to further learn where all the buildings are so they get a good footing.  It will also serve as a race for people to test their speed and race against their incoming class and other RPI students.

Come out and play volleyball with the RPI Volleyball Club! Join us and learn more about the RPI Volleyball Club and play different volleyball games! 

This program will guide its participants in precision air rifle marksmanship. Prior experience is not necessary, newcomers are welcome. You will learn how to wield and operate an Anschutz air rifle in the prone position and shoot a target 10 meters away. The rifles used are extremely precise, making it easy to focus on your technique. Safe practice of the program will be ensured by our Range Safety Officer and Club President; who will also offer coaching/tips to help improve marksmanship. All equipment will be provided.

Do you have an interest in volunteer work and helping others? Are you looking for a new and exciting activity to pursue at RPI? This program will teach some basic EMT skills and tour our ambulance and emergency vehicles. Participants will learn the ins and outs of emergency medical equipment and patient care that is performed by EMTs every day. Day In the Life of an EMT will be a unique experience and leave participants with useful knowledge they can use in everyday life. Welcome to RPI!

Do you want to learn to dance as seen on Dancing with the Stars?  Are you interested in partner dancing? Do you want to try something new? Or, maybe you already enjoy ballroom dancing and want to get to know RPI's ballroom community. If you said yes to any of these questions, Ballroom Blitz is for you! Learn and enjoy a growing sport that has practitioners from all around the world. We'll teach you the spicy Salsa, the intense and passionate Tango, the jumpy Jitterbug, and last but not least, a variety of modern forms of Ballroom dances. If you're new, come out and try something different. If you're a dancer, come meet RPI's ballroom community! If not, come anyway. No prior dance experience or partner necessary.

As one of the largest clubs on campus, and one of the biggest competitive teams on the East Coast, we'd love to have you for the day!

Our program will be based on our current labs. We will be showing you our iodine clock reaction, our car battery, and how our car actually runs! Our program will be show you how we ran our car for our previous year's annual competition!

We will be hosting a general informative session with Q&A time. This information session will include general cycling knowledge and the benefits of cycling. There will be bikes for some to try and beginner guided rides. A beginner ride could be a campus tour depending on skill levels. Servicing of student's bikes will also be provided. 

Follow clues to find your way across campus in an exciting scavenger hunt hosted by RPI's Engineering Ambassadors. At each scavenger hunt stop, you and your team will be confronted with a series of STEM-based hands-on challenges to complete in order to proceed. 

The RPI Live Action Roleplay Club will be running a game called Marlow 2020! Students will play as characters from two rival corporations trying to resolve their differences when so very few people are okay with that happening peacefully.

For this program we will be exploring the Japanese martial art of Kendo, or 'way of the sword'. This art is widely practiced in Japan and has spread to many other nations around the world, including the USA! Kendo combines disciplined martial arts practice and values, with sport-like physical activity. The RPI Kendo Club will be doing an introductory practice for perspective and interested members of the Kendo art. We will go over basic history, etiquette, and do beginning shinai (bamboo sword) practice. Please join if you are interested!  

Come meet America's Pep Band, the peppiest bunch on campus!  Take some time to meet the band and get a feel for what we're all about! Bring your instruments; we'll play some of the music we play at hockey and football games. Sousaphones and percussion will be provided, and, if needed, we may be able to provide woodwind and brass instruments.  All instruments are welcome!

Looking for an athletic, competitive, and fun new sport?  Then join the RPI Quidditch for NRB! We are a nationally ranked team, with 2 Elite 8 finishes. Do you have what it takes to get us to finals this year? Come learn to play, meet our close-knit team, and make lifelong friends!

Learn how to play Spikeball if you haven't already and enjoy an afternoon around the net. 

Come join us to learn the basics of Rugby with the RPI men and women's Rugby club teams, while meeting new people in your cohort. Come and see that rugby is for everyone!

An introductory discussion along with hands-on activities into Orbital Mechanics and the rocket propulsion systems. 

Join the RPI Tae Kwon Do (TKD) club for a couple hours of training in Korean Martial Arts. Instructor/Master Chris will be taking us through an intro-level crash-course in self-defense and TKD basics. All experience levels welcome, uniform not necessary, Just bring a willingness to learn and probably a water bottle.

Come explore the exciting world of professional television broadcasting with RPI TV. Get hands-on experience with our professional-grade equipment as we walk you through a typical production for our club. Get behind the scenes access to some of RPI TV's control rooms and other facilities. We hope to see you there!

Practice Improv with RPI's best and only improv troupe. You will learn skills such as characterization, content generation, dramatic storytelling, and comedic timing while building on everyday things like self-confidence and public speaking skills. 

Want to level up your resume for the career fair? Unsure of where to start with classes? Join us in our professional workshop to learn some quick and easy tips to highlight your strengths and stand out to recruiters! Get to know a panel of upperclassmen on how to prepare for your freshman year and get major advice!

Come join the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers in learning how to make meat and cheese empanadas! Get to know us and the rest of the Latinx community here at RPI as we enjoy some great food and music! Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy some FREE empanadas. 

Join TeamRPI for a fun session of casual gaming. During this event, we will be offering casual pickup games, custom games, and other fun in-game activities for Overwatch, Valorant, Rocket League, and League of Legends. Players of all skill levels are welcome! We will break out in the Discord into groups based on game of interest and three of our club's representatives will be hosting lobbies for each of the respective games we're offering!  If you don't play any of these games there's still a place for you in TeamRPI!

If you are interested in other PC games, our club has a variety of other competitive games including DOTA 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Valorant, and Team Fortress 2! While we won't have any gaming available for these games during the event, our club offers teams for all of these games during the semesters. Our community has a place for all kinds of gamers, whether you play competitively or casually!
**NOTE** TeamRPI will not be providing computers for this event, students will be required to use their own system. 

Come do some laser cutting with The Forge! No experience necessary, we'll be providing materials, all you need is a laptop. Come prepared with a simple image to immortalize on a piece of wood.

Come and create something fun with the Phi and learn more about the gender-inclusive arts and literary society on campus!

If you are interested in live event audio and visual production, come and see what we can do. If you've ever been at a concert, and wondered what went into the production of the event, come and join us. You'll learn about industry standard equipment. No prior experience is needed. 

Fun group of women looking to play competitive basketball through skill development and scrimmages. 

Tour our Mueller Center facility and learn more about recreation programs at RPI including intramurals, wellness activities, and outdoor programs. 

Join Rensselaer Electric Vehicle to build your own car! Be creative using a mousetrap to make a functioning vehicle. Race against your peers to see who can travel the furthest! A fun day building small cars with the people who build big cars!

Come experience College Radio with WRPI Troy and get involved with radio broadcasting, live production, and the technology that brings it all together! With this program, incoming freshmen have the opportunity to explore a decades-old station with high-quality equipment, over 60,000 vinyl records, couches, and a diverse, social community connected by a general love for music. Participants will have the opportunity to get involved with the many departments that make college radio happen. Whether it’s getting hands-on technical experience with producing and mixing live music, getting first-hand experience on-air as a DJ, or exploring the ins and outs of the technology it takes to output 10,000 watts of pure college radio, WRPI provides a fun, social environment for people with music interests of all kinds.

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