Returning to Graduate (Final Administrative Registration)

We want to help you complete your degree at Rensselaer. Students who wish to return to Rensselaer for the purpose of graduation only are eligible for Final Administrative Readmission. 

You are eligible for FAR if:

  • You have 8 or fewer credits to complete for your degree which you plan to transfer back to Rensselaer. You can register for FAR the same semester you are enrolled in the courses or after you have completed them. All transfer credit requirements remain in place including requisite approvals. Visit the Registrar's website for more information >>
  • You had a hold for an outstanding balance or other hold on your account which prevented graduation and is now lifted.
  • You were scheduled to graduate in a given semester to did not meet the requirements at the time degrees were conferred but now meet the requirements. Examples include completing a senior F exam, completing an Incomplete or No Examination grade.

You are not eligible for FAR if:

  • You intend to enroll in courses at Rensselaer to finish your degree.
  • You have holds on your account.

To apply for Final Administrative Readmission (FAR), please email including your name and RIN. We will work with you to determine next steps. 
We ask that you apply for FAR at least a week prior to the deadline to file degree applications in the semester you plan to graduate.

Final Administrative Registration FAQ

This registration is zero (0) credits and is used only for administrative purposes to activate your student record and permit you to graduate.  Your enrollment status will not be sufficient to defer student loans or maintain health insurance.

No, because you are not taking any classes at Rensselaer there is no charge for this status.

Yes, provided you meet all requirements to walk as outlined by the Registrar's office and have applied by the published deadlines you may walk at graduation. However, you cannot attend any Senior Week activities.

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