General questions

Once your application is completed online you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not, please contact our office - you application has not gone through. Our systems check the reason for your leave and whether your accounts are cleared. All readmission accounts are reviewed by the Bursar/loan officer and the Dean of Students Office. Once those clearances are complete, you will receive emails indicating where your application is in the process. As a courtesy if there is a hold on your account you are granted 14 calendar days for the hold to be removed by the appropriate office. That also means that if there is a hold on your account at the time we check your decision will be delayed by 14 days. After the expiration of that grace period if a hold remains your application will be automatically denied. Once your account is clear, the application is reviewed by the committee for readmission or the academic standing committee. After a decision is made you will receive and email notifying you and with further instructions.

Typically one month after the due dates; however, it depends on the reason for your leave. If you were academically dismissed the time can vary widely, as your application and materials need to be reviewed by the Committee for Academic Standing. In all cases, be sure to submit your application by the deadlines listed. Holds on your accounts or failure to submit all required documentation can delay your decision. Please note that we are happy to answer questions regarding your readmission and we understand you are anxious to know the outcome of your application; however, due to the volume of applications we cannot answer questions regarding when you will be notified.

We collect applications, verify and obtain clearances, and makes all readmission decisions along with the Committee on Academic Standing. The medical director will make final decisions regarding readmission or continuance in the university when medical factors are a consideration.

No – readmission is at the sole discretion of Rensselaer. The number one reason that applications are denied are incomplete applications and holds remaining on accounts.

Yes you can. You will follow the same process.

This is for students who need to have their accounts activated in order to petition to graduate. You may either have completed or be enrolled at another institution in the courses you need to graduate in a given semester. There is no cost associated with this readmission. If you intend to enroll in courses at Rensselaer to finish your degree you are not eligible for FAR. Please note that you will be required to have transfer credits approved through the normal process and your eligibility for graduation is not guaranteed by FAR.

Application questions

Yes. All students on financial leaves need to complete the application and seek consideration for readmission. Please contact the Bursar's office prior to applying to discuss pre-payment of your bill.

Yes. All students on administrative leaves need to complete the application and seek consideration for readmission.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment at 518-276-8022.

This can happen, especially when applying for readmission for a spring semester. If the transcript will not be sent by the posted deadline, please ask your instructors/professors to send an email (success@rpi.edu) indicating your standing in the class around the time of the deadline. Once the official transcript becomes available, please have it sent as soon as possible. The Readmission Committee also welcomes letters from instructors or professors who can comment more generally on your performance. As a result you may receive a letter stating you have been readmitted pending receipt of your transcripts and grades matching your estimates (this is often the case). Please note: if your actual grades do not meet or exceed estimates or your transcript(s) are never received we cannot readmit you. The timing of transcript distribution from other schools can impact when you are readmitted – this is out of our control.

It can be helpful if you have one. Keep in mind that courses cannot be transferred to Rensselaer until we receive an official transcript from the other institution.

Yes – we are in 4600 Academy Hall. Official transcripts must remain in their original sealed/signed envelopes when hand-delivered.

You must apply online. Other supporting materials may be uploaded with the application. In addition you can email, mail or fax materials to us. We do not accept pictures/jpegs of application materials.

Please contact us at 518.276.8022 to ask for an extension. Note that it may not be possible to process your application after the deadline.

Readmission process questions

In general, we look for the following:

  • A complete application submitted on time
  • No holds on your account (Bursar, loans, or otherwise)
  • If you took classes elsewhere that you did well in them.
  • If you did not take classes elsewhere that you kept busy and were productive – employment, volunteering, etc.
  • If you left for personal reasons, that you’ve worked to address those issues
  • That you have a legitimate desire to return to Rensselaer
  • That you are ready to be successful at Rensselaer

  • Applications received past the deadline
  • Incomplete applications (transcripts not received, missing pages, sections left unanswered or with no detail, etc.)
  • Holds on student accounts that were not previously resolved
  • Pending exit interviews for federal loans that were not completed
  • Provisions for your return were not followed as outlined in your leave letter, including, but not limited to:
    • Not receiving medical clearance from the Student Health Center (medical leaves)
    • Not receiving clearance from the Counseling Center (psychological leaves)
    • Not remaining away for at least a year, taking a full-load of major-related courses and receiving grades of B or better (academic dismissals)

You will receive notification from us via the email you provided in your application.

Registration for readmitted students opens when the add/drop period opens for currently enrolled students (this is generally towards the very end of the semester). If you are readmitted prior to that date you can register beginning when add/drop opens. If you are readmitted after the add/drop period opens, you can generally register within 24-48 business hours after you receive your readmission confirmation. Please do not contact the Registrar's office until that time has expired.

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