Garnet D. Baltimore Research and Entrepreneurial Scholars

The Garnet D. Baltimore Research and Entrepreneurial Scholars program seeks to connect Rensselaer undergraduates with research and entrepreneurial experiences by providing up to $5,000 for engagement in research at Rensselaer or enagaging in entrepreneurial activities with the Severino Center.


Numfor Tiapo '20        
Garnet D. Baltimore Entrepreneurship Scholar

Numfor Tiapo '20

As a Garnet D. Baltimore Entrepreneurship Scholar, Numfor Tiapo '20, developed an ed-tech venture called ViE The Virtual Engagement Platform.  ViE is a web application that makes college courses more engaging and makes it easier for instructors to track their course engagement. ViE is currently being used by multiple courses at RPI and Lincoln University.

"The Garnet D. Baltimore Entrepreneurship program gave me the means to get my idea off the ground and into the hands of real people. I also learned a lot about entrepreneurship from my meetings with the Severino Center staff. I'm thankful for the program and I'm continuing to grow my business now that I've graduated."

For more information or to apply, please contact: 

Lydie Kengne  
Assistant Dean     

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