Community Involvement While Away

While you are part of the larger Rensselaer community while away, because of your status as an inactive student it is important for you to understand how you can interact with Rensselaer.


Please keep up relationships with friends via social media, email or meeting up off campus.  Additionally, you may continue to remain in contact with your faculty advisor and/or HUB and others with whom you have strong connections. And of course, keeping in touch with your Class Dean and keeping them updated on your plans is welcome.

Use of campus facilities

Those on a leave of absence are considered inactive students, and thus are not permitted to utilize campus resources including, but not limited to, classrooms, labs, recreational spaces, athletic facilities, campus housing, dining halls, and Institute services (ex. Student Health Center).  In general you are expected to remain off the campus while you are on a leave of absence.

Participation in Clubs and Organizations

We understand that connections to clubs and organizations is one of the hallmarks of the Rensselaer experience.  While you are welcome to keep in contact with members of groups you belong to you are expected not to participate in clubs or attend any on campus events during your time away.

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