Request a Leave

To leave Rensselaer in good standing please complete the following:

  1. Contact your Class Dean to obtain a copy of the request form.
  2. Complete the leave of absence request form. 
  3. Submit the form via email to your Class Dean.
  4. Make an appointment with your Class Dean to review the form and complete your exit interview.


Graduate students requesting a leave of absence should work directly with their graduate program director / the Graduate School.

Involuntary Leaves of Absence

Students may also be placed on an involuntary leave of absence from Rensselaer. There are five possible scenarios that might apply:

  • The student is unable to meet financial obligation to the Bursar’s Office. Any outstanding amount from a prior semester(s) must be paid in full (along with current semester bill) in order for reinstatement. If not, then the student is placed on a mandatory financial leave of absence with the effective date of the 1st day of classes.
  • Medical or psychological professional staff determine that the student should not attend the semester. A mandatory leave of absence is placed on the student record with an effective date based on professional assessment.
  • The Dean of Students Office declares an emergency removal from campus. A mandatory leave of absence is placed on the student record with an effective date to correspond to the actual emergency removal from campus.
  • There is a disciplinary sanction such as a suspension or expulsion. A mandatory separation is placed on the student record with an effective date of when the actual sanction is issued.
  • If a student does not register for classes during a particular semester, they are placed on an administrative leave of absence effective during that semester.

If students are voluntarily or involuntarily placed on leave, they should complete an exit interview with their class dean.  They must also go through the readmission process to return to campus, provided they are in clear financial standing and have met all the necessary requirements. Once students are placed on a leave of absence, they must verify the reinstatement deadline with the Student Success office if they choose to return to Rensselaer.

Withdrawal from Rensselaer

If you plan to leave Rensselaer permanently with no intention of returning you would request to withdraw. If you are in doubt, choose a leave of absence instead. The process for requesting a withdrawal is the same as outlined about; however you will complete the withdrawal request form.

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