Leaving Rensselaer Checklist

Mandatory Items

- We want to be able to assist future students through the process and your feedback and insights are invaluable.

- We want to set you up for a successful return; it is important to develop a plan with your Dean and to understand the readmission process, deadlines (Summer: April 1; Fall: June 1; Spring: November 1) and requirements (https://success.studentlife.rpi.edu/returning-rensselaer).

It is important that your network of support outside of campus is able to assist you in this transition. Your parent/guardian will also be notified when your leave of absence is processed.

If you live in a residence hall, you must check out. Be sure to make arrangements to be entirely moved out 48 hours from the effective date of your leave or sooner as determined by your Class Dean.

You may contact the bursar directly to settle your account. If you have a remaining balance your personal leave will be overridden by a mandatory financial leave of absence with additional return stipulations. In addition, you will not be able to return nor will transcripts be released until all holds are lifted from your account.

If you are on an F-1 or J-1 visa, you must contact ISSS immediately to inform them you intend to leave Rensselaer. ISSS must take action on your status within a short time frame of submitting your request to Student Success, so it is important to speak with them to understand your time frame.

Other To Dos

If you receive your health insurance through Rensselaer, you may elect to keep it during your time away by contacting the Student Health Center (email healthins@rpi.edu). Otherwise, your plan will terminate.

Whether you are leasing alone or with friends, the Dean can be a resource for you to negotiate with your landlord and work with your roommates (i.e. getting out of your lease, paying lower rent, subleasing).

- Forward any email you would like to save from your Rensselaer account to a personal account.

- Let your friends/businesses know you are leaving and send a personal email/address/telephone number.

- Save a copy of your unofficial transcript and/or print your Degree Works for your records.

Many courses have already been evaluated: https://sis.rpi.edu/rss/yhwwkwags.P_Web_Artic_Guide

Be sure the classes you are taking while away are appropriate and will count towards your degree. Please speak to your advisor about how a leave of absence will impact your overall academic progress and time to graduation. You will also need their approval on your plan of study when you apply for readmission.

If you will miss your originally scheduled Arch summer term and/or away semester during your leave of absence, contact The Arch office to discuss Arch graduation requirements with them.

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