Activities while away from Rensselaer

You and your Class Dean may have made a plan for possible activities you will engage in while away. Depending on the reason for your leave any number of activities may be appropriate. Here are our general suggestions. Note that the Student Health Center or Academic Standing committee may require specific activities, please refer to your leave of absence letter for details.

Students who engage in these activities while away are most successful when they return.

Take your time

It is recommended that students on a leave of absence remain away for enough time to sufficiently address the reasons for their leave, typically a year. While some students do return after a semester there is often not enough time between the leave date and the return application date to address the reasons for the leave. Rensselaer does not have a time out policy - you can return when you are ready and pick up where you left off.

Get the help you need

We strongly recommend seeking support from family, friends, and formal treatment from doctors, therapists, etc. as appropriate. Learn more about health related requirements here.

Take classes

Many students find it helpful to engage in academic work while away. This may help you stay on track academically, and if academics were part of the reason for your leave, taking courses helps to demonstrate you are ready to return. You can find out more about transfer credits hereInformation on returning from academic dismissal or suspension

Work, engage in new activities, and pursue vocational counseling

Depending on the reason for you leave you may choose to work or explore new possible majors and careers. This is especially helpful if you left to take time to figure out what you want to do.

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